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Seollal 2024, 2025 and 2026

Seollal, or Korean Lunar New Year, is a major holiday in the lives of South Koreans. Seollal comes in January or February and involves family visits, ancestral rites, eating of traditional foods and playing of Korean games.

20249 Feb to 11 FebFri to SunSeollal
202528 Jan to 30 JanTue to ThuSeollal
202616 Feb to 18 FebMon to WedSeollal
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Seollal is based on the lunar calendar and so varies from year to year on the Gregorian Calendar. And the wonderful thing about Lunar New Year is that it lasts for three days, not just one!

The emphasis of Seollal is paying your respects to your ancestors and spending time with living family members. After performing traditional rites to honour the dead, South Koreans spend the rest of the day with the living. This means talking for hours on end, eating, telling stories all night, and playing folk games.

Many will visit their ancestral home towns to take part in Seollal activities, so this can be a busy time of year for travel. It takes time to prepare for the trip, and the food too takes a lot of preparation time. There are special articles of clothing to wear for Seollal during the rites, and special foods to be eaten at designated times.

Previous Years

202321 Jan to 24 JanSat to TueSeollal
202231 Jan to 2 FebMon to WedSeollal
202111 Feb to 13 FebThu to SatSeollal
202024 Jan to 26 JanFri to SunSeollal
20194 Feb to 6 FebMon to WedSeollal
201815 Feb to 17 FebThu to SatSeollal
201727 Jan to 30 JanFri to MonSeollal